The location and access

          〒399-9301 4834, Wadano, Happo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano

                         (I take courier service from arrival of staying two days ago. But valuables are excluded)
                          As it is rough map, please go out after confirmation by all means

In the case of car

Chuo Expressway ..., Azumino IC, R148 - approximately 60 minutes 
Joshinetsu Expressway ..., Nagano IC, Olympics road - approximately 50 minutes 
Hokuriku Expressway ... ...
Itoigawa IC, R148 - approximately 50 minutes

In the case of train The east     Oito Line transit Hakuba Station gets off at Kyoto area JR Shinjuku Station, limited express Azusa Matsumoto Station
    We transfer to Al PIKO bus at JR Tokyo Station Shinkansen asama Nagano Station, and every quarter bus terminal gets off 
We transfer to Oito Line at Osaka, Nagoya area JR Nagoya Station, limited express shinano Matsumoto Station, and Hakuba Station gets off
The north     Getting off at Hakuba Station via land area JR Itoigawa Station south Otari

              (from Hakuba Station to Wadano, Sakihana mountain cottage approximately 4km)
In the case of bus Getting off at every quarter bus terminal or Wadano visitor center

(from every quarter bus terminal to Wadano, Sakihana mountain cottage from approximately 3km, Wadano visitor center to Sakihana mountain cottage approximately 2.5km)               
 In addition, we take to and from and serve customer using train, bus.
       (sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like prior reservation by all means. On the day please refrain from communication