All of you who set foot in this page are either considerable regular customer or methodical now, ...
Well, in any case, thank you.
It will be event that article introducing happens in real mountain cottage and experiences from now on.
Experienced people leave ... it to your sensitivity so far whether it is UN LUCKY whether it is LUCKY!
We want you to permit laughingly if possible.

FM Hakuba
Dinner is over, and who is disk jockey ..., today when voice sounds in hall out of nowhere when it is time to relax in room? ?
We can enjoy angry event and black information around the latest mountain cottage.
Contents that I almost cut blood vessel for contents and anger that ..., cold sweat comes out more that we can enjoy jump out.
Trade secrets modadamoreno fear existence. Hot night when malicious language that Ariyoshi is surprised at flies.
This boiling water, cold water, large communal bath (as for the bathing time from 4:30 p.m. to 11:00) which danced attraction was closed.
However, it is the to watch out in bath! ..., what which undresses, and is after, and is too slow? ? ? ?
We were able to take a bath safely. Well, do not relax still more! Here is the main subject!
Or it becomes boiling water Koshien or becomes ascetic practices of Buddhist monk, or carelessness is bad for shower of ..., rush hours.
Anyway, it is amusement open space in mountain cottage. When calm down and want to be taken a bath, is PM8 passably: 00-10, please take a bath to about 00.

・・* * * * * Is sorry. Thank you for your patronage of long, taking the ease.
Because we had heart, boiler of mountain cottage made newly, hot water has been going to come out from all faucets smoothly. Regret!

Sauna basement of fear
Come home from ski; and is breath relievedly. Let's put away boots in underground drying room.
We enter a room, and shikashi should not close door alone at all. When stove in particular blazes with go-go; ...

Whip of love to student club circle
The young always comes together with trouble. Come for camp, and is internal clash, lively Mainichi where there are sosoari, trouble of love in.
katsu of owner enters when we find trouble! It is awesome, too!
As for oneself like relative keep feeling, and barking like fiery zeal teacher, and shed tears, and explosion talk begins!

Mystery corner
We defeat "misuterikona" and the name formally. Think that probably know where is immediately, but ...
This is quite popular regardless of any people regardless of age or sex. It is good to tell the quality of luck. But which will hit be?

The hotel charges of "Iikura who said"
Reservation is very easy when you use many times. "It is ○○. We OK in it if we can hear from on the telephone how many people you e-mail in when saying we go.
And unless is asked until day to return; the hotel charges are secrets. ・We throb at the time of ・ ・ worry ... worry ... and checkered out at the front desk.

Kitchen where nobody is
Suddenly sometimes nida - remoinakunarukotogaaru at table. "moshimoshi!" Feeling ... of unmanned station
When this happens, we cannot but have you do your best by oneself.

Costume play (R15 designation?) This dangerous corner was finished forcibly.
We do not do something like this every day at all.
However, we do after ... at choice each around 2 times in time when customer is worked as along the winding being rolled up in ... customer around 2 times in year year.
But I decline a word. We are considerably prepared for it, and please see. Nosebleed boo! Nausea! It is ... in what may hold this
It is ... in not getting responsibility! ・I am sorry ... ... We lower degree of risk about photograph which we photographed newly and will publish in album page in future.